If you are implementing SEO on your website, it’s best to keep yourself informed. It’s your page so it’s imperative to know the essentials.

If you are a newbie in SEO, the more you should know about it. How to do that? Ask questions!

You don’t know where to start? You can start by asking the following:


What is SEO?

That’s a pretty basic question but nonetheless, it must be addressed. You can’t move on to the other aspects without knowing and understanding what it does.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process of enabling a webpage to be more visible in search engines in the internet. Most of your target users will not go further than the first page of the results. The ultimate goal is to be at least on the first page of the search, even better if you make it to the topmost.

There are two ways to be on the first page. It can be through paid advertisement or organic. The paid advertisements are the first links you see on the page and it’s always indicated as “ads”. Those links after the ads are there organically.

If you want your page to organically grow, there are no quick fixes. It’s a combination of methods applied to the website. These processes combined together can improve the ranking of the website.

Is SEO applied only once?

When one is incorporating SEO on the page, they must understand that this is not a one-time activity. Once you’ve implemented SEO you can’t leave it at that.

SEO is a continuous process. You may have done most of the hard work at the start, but it doesn’t mean that your work ends there.

You have to work continuously to see results. You have to keep the webpage compliant to updates and changes. If the page isn’t tended after the implementation, it will become outdated.

The world wide web keeps changing and the website needs to adapt to the changes. Years back, people didn’t even consider if their pages would be mobile-friendly. These days, that’s a must.

SEO isn’t a one-time job. To see results or to maintain a page’s ranking, one should keep on working on its SEO.

Is SEO pricing reasonable?

Yes, if you think of it as an investment but if you would think of it as a cost, even the most affordable SEO service will never be enough for you.

Can you see immediate results with SEO?

Again, SEO is not a quick fix solution when you want your page to organically grow.

If you are expecting dramatic results immediately after incorporating the measures, you won’t see that. There are a lot of factors that should be considered as well, how much quality content are you offering, have you established authority, and such. It depends what your strategy is.

Don’t be overly excited for results, if you are doing SEO properly it would come in a timely manner.

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